Garden Stepping Stones – The DIY Concrete Mold Way

How many times have you frowned on someone as they walk on your beautifully laid garden grass? But is it really their fault or do you need garden stepping-stones so that your kids and anyone else walking through your garden can enjoy its beauty without spoiling it. Garden stepping-stones can be a great way to preserve your garden grass along with adding a touch of class to your garden as well.

But getting garden pavers from the market can be an expensive business. You may end up spending a lot for a few stones and getting them fixed too will cost a lot. Especially if the range you bought are discontinued. You may also have a tough time also finding the right kind of stones that may suit your garden or lifestyle.

There however is an easy way out. Just make your own garden concrete products at home. Yes, don’t be alarmed. It is a great way to get your kind of concrete products without spending much. Making your own stepping stones can be a great hobby and you can even get your kids involved and have a great time with them. Your molds will be used to shape the stone according to your style and design in mind. And you can produce as much as you like and all the while knowing that you can always ad to your existing paving or stepping stone areas. Also your stone or paving range will never be discontinued, as you own the paving molds or stepping stone concrete molds.

There are various varieties of molds for concrete available in the market and they vary greatly in shapes, sizes, material used and so on. Different patterns to suit everyone’s taste are available in the market and new designs are created by the day. You are sure to find the kind you are looking for. Whether it’s a leaf design, a fish pattern, some flowery pattern, rock pattern, sun, moon or stars or anything that your imagination may have is available in concrete stepping stone molds.

The two types mostly used are Polyurethane and Plastic. Advantages of Polyurethane Molds are that it provides extremely high detail in your concrete mold product and are of the toughest material around. You can use Polyurethane Rubber concrete stepping-stone molds a great number of times over the years and is great value for money. It’s a sound investment. Plastic on the other hand my be the cheaper option for now but will cost you in the long run as it deteriorates rapidly with age, handling and exposure to the elements. Making you own garden stepping-stones with Polyurethane Rubber Stepping Stone Molds is by far a better option as to buying expensive stepping-stones from the market which may discontinue at any time.

So go ahead and buy yourself some Polyurethane Rubber concrete molds. You will see how much you can experiment with the various stone molds designs and will find making your own concrete stones and paving adds greatly to your sense of accomplishment in the way you make you beautify your pathways and garden.

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